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Down goes the Polish! (at Miller Park)

Shrimp Jambalya @ Local OptionVia Foodspotting
Waffle Taco @ Taco BellIt’s no McGriddle. Via Foodspotting

Waffle Taco @ Taco Bell

It’s no McGriddle.

Via Foodspotting

I guess they still have a few glitches to work out before opening day. (at Miller Park)

Half Shamrock Half Chocolate Shake @ McDonald’sVia Foodspotting

The Tesla Lives! show (at Discovery World at Pier Wisconsin)

Chicken Taco Masala @ Stately Cheesehead ManorVia Foodspotting
Painted in #Waterlogue
Tiramisu @ FirkinVia Foodspotting
Time to make a pie…